The decorating trends for christmas 2018

December 12, 2018

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This year again, Scandinavian-inspired minimalist decorations are in vogue for Christmas. Fir branches, candles and neutral tones mingle to create peaceful and relaxed atmospheres. Inspired by Scandinavian design, and Do It Yourself, our holiday season will be under the sign of nature and cocooning!

Scandinavian inspiration

This year for Christmas, minimalist Scandinavian-inspired decor and Nordic design are in vogue. The Do It Yourself also invites us to our holiday season: what better than a decoration made with your own hands? The advantages of DIY are countless: unique pieces, original, made to measure and at a lower cost!
For a trendy decor, bet on wooden objects and natural materials, graphic patterns, pure shapes and especially neutral colors, soft and cheerful. The motto is to get a warm and welcoming Christmas decor. Use candles, garlands, many candles and sources of soft lights. To be up-to-date during the holidays and make your own decorations, pine cones and twigs are given a second life, fir branches are picked up, and flowers, leaves and citrus fruits are dried.

Raw materials, minimalist forms, nature ...

On the material side, priority will be given to hot textiles in noble and cozy materials such as wool, mohair or cotton, especially for the Christmas dinner tablecloth or decorative ribbons. Northern raw and natural materials such as stars, deer or cottages are also used. The geometric patterns are also part: the foot of the tree is adorned with a graphic basket, Christmas balls become origami and gifts are wrapped paper with rhombus and triangle prints. Plants have a place of choice. Natural settings, from eucalyptus leaves, pine cones, tree branches, twigs and berries. The large transparent vases and terrariums invite themselves into the living room, just as the plaids and carpets take place on the sofa. Scandinavian Christmas decor is cocooning to enjoy long evenings by the fire.

White color and pastel shades

Side color, there is one thing to know: the white color will be predominant!
White, silver hues and pastel tones are the basis of the trend this year. The traditional Christmas colors also have their place: red, green, golden. Green remains a key color of the holiday season. The color orange is also fashionable: the use of dried oranges to decorate your living room and your festive table is recommended.

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