Advantages and disadvantages of renting a furnished property

February 22, 2023

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Renting a furnished property attracts more and more people each year. One of the reason of this success is that after signing the lease, there is only to get the keys and install his personal belongings. Easy and convenient, one of the compensation of this rental system is to be more expensive. We will detail in this article the advantages and disadvantages of furnished rentals to help you make an informed choice.

The advantages of furnished rental

The first advantage of renting a furnished property is precisely not wasting time to furnish the apartment. Similarly, there is no money coming out early to buy the furniture. This is a significant asset because during the first month you already have to pay the first rent and the deposit. Then, as you have to buy all the furniture, it represents a consequent additional expense.

This solution is very interesting for expatriates coming to work in Geneva for a few months or a few years. And for good reason, they avoid two very expensive and complicated steps : moving in and moving out. This is especially interesting for expatriates who do not necessarily want to invest in furniture for a short time. It is also a good solution to test a neighborhood and see if you like it.

To rent furnished, the owner must respect a specification allowing the tenant to settle properly in the accommodation. Among the compulsory furniture, there is a bed with a duvet or a blanket, a table with seats, lighting... The kitchen must have at least an oven, a fridge, hotplates, kitchen utensils and dishes. Do not forget the housekeeping equipment.

The specifics of the lease

Regarding the lease for a furnished rental, the duration is usually 1 year, renewable from year to year against 3 years for a conventional lease.


Advantages / Disadvantages: everything depends on your situation

We have just seen the benefits of furnished rentals. In return, the owners of furnished properties increase the prices of the rents to compensate for the service provided. This price increase is the main disadvantage of renting a furnished property. Everything is relative because if you compare with a hotel, it is much more interesting.

In addition, you must also look at how the housing is equipped and if the furniture is in good condition. The decoration is often not to the taste of the tenant and it is imperative to check all the furniture (ex: a comfortable bed, an oven that works ...)

In conclusion, it all depends on your situation and the duration for which you want to rent a furnished apartment. If you arrive in Geneva and you don’t know the duration of your work, consider a furnished. Indeed, you don’t take financial risk and you can easily break your lease. If you stay several years, then it is better financially to rent unfurnished. Of course, you will have to buy furniture but at least the decoration will be to your liking.

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