How to terminate your lease contract?

May 24, 2019

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After signing a lease, it is possible to terminate the contract in accordance with the conditions provided by law or lease. The tenant is protected against any abusive termination, while the lessor has to follow a strict termination procedure.

1. Termination of the contract by the lessor

The procedure for terminating a lease contract by the lessor is provided for by each Swiss canton. It is imperative to respect the notice provided for in the lease contract, or as the case may be, provided for by law, generally at least three months.

Any termination of the lease must be a minimum justify. The tenant who is terminated has the right to know the reasons. Appeals against this decision of termination are also possible with the conciliation authority, when the reasons for the termination of the lease are obviously abusive. Arrangements in favor of the evicted tenant are provided by the conciliation authority, especially when his departure from the home is worth family or financial worries. In this case, an extension of the lease may be pronounced by the conciliation authority.

The sublease is authorized in Switzerland, a sub-tenant enjoys the same protection as a tenant against abusive holidays.


2. Termination of the contract by the tenant

As stated in the lease contract, a tenant wishing to leave his home must meet the deadlines and deadlines provided for and approved at the signing of the lease. Failing to have this information in the lease contract. A cancellation of the lease must be done in due form, by registered mail addressed to the owner of the house. In general, the notice period is three months.

If several people have signed the lease, each one must sign the notice.

Any renter who wishes to leave his home out of time must find a replacement tenant, otherwise he will pay all rents until the end of the contract. This replacement will have to fulfill the same conditions as the first tenant, especially in terms of solvency, otherwise the owner may refuse his file.

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