The importance of having your real estate appraised

April 10, 2023

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More and more homeowners are calling on experts to make an estimate of their property. A serious estimate of your property allows you to better understand real estate prices in the area where you own.

What is a real estate estimate?

The real estate estimate is the evaluation of the price, either of a bare or building plot, or of a house that is for sale. According to the USPI definition, "building appraisal is a mandate by which a person or authority entrusts a real estate professional with the task of determining the value of a building. "Having your property valued has many benefits for people who want to sell their property quickly and efficiently. Several events can lead to a real estate appraisal, including the sale of a property, the annual declaration of the value of a real estate portfolio listed on the stock exchange, or the payment of taxes (property tax).


The purpose of an estimate :

Estimate the value of a property will allow to fix a balance of the price which will satisfy both the seller and the buyer. For an owner, it is quite difficult to value his property, including the sentimental aspect assigned to his property. Owners often overestimate their property, which is a problem if the price of the property is not adequate to the real estate market trends, it will be difficult to find a buyer. Similarly, a property offered for sale at a low price will lose money to the owner, and may create suspicion on the part of potential sellers, who may suspect hidden defects. It is therefore important to have help selling your property at the best price. The selling price will depend mainly on the local real estate market as well as the supply and demand of the moment. The estimate is therefore intended to satisfy both the owner and the buyer.


By whom to make it realize ?

Estimating the value of real estate requires training and experience. In order to make an estimate that is as accurate as possible, it is essential to use a professional in real estate. A serious estimate is essential for you to sell as soon as possible and in the best possible conditions. The estimation expert will analyze the property according to several characteristics that can give him the best price. In general, it is based on the state of the property, its location, area and environment. This is through an official report that the expert will render are opinion on the price of the property. This report may be the responsibility of the expert in case of dispute.



If you want to estimate your property, I invite you to contact us. This is not binding and will give you an idea of ​​the value of your property.

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