10 steps to follow before becoming owner

August 15, 2023

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Here are the 10 key steps to follow before becoming owner

1. First of all, you have to make your choice about the property you want to buy. This choice is made after your several visits in the sector that suits you.


2. Once the property is selected, make an appointment with your bank. In order to benefit from the best rates, we advise to use a broker. For more info on this subject, I invite you to contact us.


3. The bank will then make an estimate of the property and study your profile. After her analysis, she will give you her oral or written consent in order to validate your acquisition.


4. With the agreement of the bank, you can now make a written offer to the seller. Through broker Stone Invest it's even better. Indeed, the broker is responsible for accepting the offer and having it signed to the owners.


5. Then, it is important to think of making the payment of the 10% of booking deposit at the notary, representing 10% of the selling price of the property that you are acquiring. This step allows you to permanently reserve the property with the notary office. Once completed, simply send the fund transfer receipt to the Stone Invest broker.


6. Stone Invest will send you the fact sheets to be completed for preparing the act. As for the notary, he will take care of writing the preliminary sale agreement and sending it to both parties.


7. Take the time to study the preliminary sale agreement and check all the information. This is the time to ask all your questions and make sure that all the clauses appear well. After it will be too late to change the act so take the time you need to read it.


8. Then the broker Stone Invest will make an appointment at the notary for the signature of the real act with both parties. On the day of the signature, provide yourself with your ID.


9. A few days before handing over the keys, the notary makes the last call for funds from the bank. This is how he gets the 90% of the price left to pay.


10. The signature of the act performed, it is necessary to wait for the day of the handing over of the keys for "the transfer of property". It is only then that you will fully own the property, with respect to the canton of Geneva.

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