5 tips to sell your property

August 18, 2023

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Sell well your flat or house is very important when you see the financial stakes involved. Finding the right price and the right methods is not easy, hence the interest of these few tips. They can help you concretely to finalize the sale of your property.

1. Set the right price of the property

When you decide to sell your property, you often start wondering what price to sell. Although it may be tempting to overestimate, it is a first mistake to avoid. In the same way, it shouldn’t be underestimated at the risk of losing money. In order to set the right price, I suggest you to have it estimated by professionals in this sector. They are the only ones who will evaluate the property as accurately as possible by highlighting its assets. Several criteria are taken into account as the number of square meters, the geographical situation, the layout, the environment ... Do not hesitate to ask us for an estimate, it is free and without commitment.


2. Highlight the different spaces

If you want to sell, it is essential to position yourself on the side of the buyer by trying to stay as neutral as possible. We don’t discuss tastes and colors, however it is true that the less the interior is personalized, the better it is. Indeed, it is easier to project when the colors are neutral without too many objects.

Tip: if small jobs are needed, do them. You won’t regret it and multiply your chances of triggering an impulse buy.


3. Take pretty pictures

With all the paper and Internet ads, we devote only a few seconds of attention to a new property. Based on this observation, photos play a decisive role. They hold our attention and describe the place better than many paragraphs. Again, I recommend that you call a professional who will use great materials such as a wide-angle lens. With this tool, the layout of the rooms will be ideally highlighted.


4. Describe the property in detail with emphasis on strengths

To accompany the photos, you must then make a relevant description of the property. To do this, make short and simple sentences. Highlight the advantages of the place by avoiding paraphrases as much as possible. Don’t forget to mention clearly all that can be useful to the next owner (amount of charges, cellar, parking, m2 of different rooms ...). Moreover, by being precise, your property will stand out more in the filters on Internet.


5. To be supported by a real estate agency

The reasons are many to go through a real estate agency to sell his property. In the end, you will see that you will save time and money. Likewise, your real estate agent will be at your side from the beginning to the end. Thanks to him, you will avoid the pitfalls of this sector while having a qualified interlocutor who will be able to answer your questions throughout the process.

Although it is quite possible to sell your property through several agencies, I advise you to choose only one. Aware of its exclusive position, the agency will do its best to accompany you to the sale.

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