Why you should resort to a real estate agency ?

June 12, 2023

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Most people with a property for sale are tempted to try and do so on their own, without external help, in the belief they will thus avoid having to pay a commission. However, this might be a miscalculation as the process requires an amount of time and work that are often underestimated.

What are the good reasons for resorting to a real restate agency ?


1. You will be sure you get the best price

The agent will first assess the value of the property (see the article on the reasons why it is recommended to have it estimated by a professional). Once a fair price has been determined, the agent will seek the best potential buyer. Agents are versed in the art of negotiation; drawing on their experience and knowledge, they can guarantee optimal results.


2. You will be dealing with real estate specialists

Resorting to real estate agents for the sale of a house or an apartment is an assurance that those in charge are highly qualified, with a wide experience and expertise in the field. No one knows the market better. With their advice and assistance, traps will be avoided, obstacles overcome, and maximum profits gained.


3. You will save a lot of time

Real estate agents handle all contacts and operate a pre-selection of  buyers, making sure time is not wasted on uninteresting prospects. Additionally, they take care of all the paperwork required and plan/proceed to on-site visits. Such essential activities are time-consuming, something those buyers who opt for doing it on their own eventually realise - at their own expense!


4. You will have an interlocutor who is highly knowledgeable and always available

Throughout the process, agents will be available to answer questions, solve problems and facilitate transactions. They will be there from the moment the first ad is published to the signature of the final sales contract, making sure along the way that standard procedures and legal requirements are duly observed. Being a real estate agent is a profession, not something that can be improvised or learnt in a few minutes. Laws and regulations change. It is the agent’s job to keep abreast of such changes and avoid technical errors.


To sum up, yes, this comes at a cost and agents will charge a commission. However, once you factor in all the benefits accrued, you will realise this is money well spent.

Should you be interested in purchasing or selling property, please do not hesitate to contact us : our team of experts will be delighted to assist you.

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